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About Us
We are a small family owned company, striving to give our customers what they want, the best we can achieve at the most reasonable price.

We are based in Brisbane, Australia and deal with people from all walks of life, all over Australia. We believe that the smaller business who are interested in advertising on the WWW should have a fair go.

Our pricing structure reflects the fact that we doing the best for our customers to eleviate the huge financial investment for a well structed, easy to navigate, fast loading website.
We specialize in the Canine & Equine World as this is the field that we excel in, but we also cater and welcome inquiries from all small business, clubs, organisations etc.

Over the years, we have been personally been involved in Bench Showing, Obedience, Field Trialing, Coursing, Greyhound Racing and of course having our family of dogs at home as pets. Whereas a part of our family are keen horseman.

We believe that there are special technics we can use to display your dogs and horses in the appropriate manner.
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