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Getting Started
Getting started is easy - JUST LEAVE THE HARD WORK TO US.........

These are a few handy things to know just to give you some idea what happens when we design your site and what we need you to contribute.

1. Decide on what you think your menu items should be.
For example -
Home - About Us  - Our Stud Dogs  - Pups For Sale - Links - Our News - Contact Us
You can have as many Menu buttons as you need.
This will give us a fair indication of how many pages your site will require. You don't have to be skimpy in this area, as the hosting we will be providing for you (this does not include the ISP generated websites) will be more than ample to cover most peoples needs.
If you are not sure, email or call us, to discuss what will be the best for you. We are only too happy to help you choose the package that will suit you most.

2. Collect all the information that you would like on your site, along with photos. This information can be either emailed to us or posted to us. Do you have a logo ? If you do, then please email your logo to us, so that it can be included on your site.

Not sure what you need ?
That's OK... Just drop us an email or give us a ring, so that we can help you....
Remember that most successful web sites are based on the KIS (Keep It Simple) principle.

The reason for this is that a site needs to download reasonably fast and have relevant, interesting information, with photos. How many times have you been to a site that just takes too long to download, so you back out and go to the next one? Not everyone is lucky enough to have broadband.

You are probably at the stage now, when you think - ok - but before I go any further what does it cost......... yes we are all the same. Give us a call or drop us an email and we will respond within 24 hours to your questions.
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